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Flat Pack Container is one of the packaging type of demountable containers. Bottom and top chasis of the containers are installed at factory area and the corner columns, walls, doors, windows and all other remained components are located on the bottom chasis. With the using of special temprorary kits, the top chasis is closed on the bottom chasis and bolted accordingly. Up to 10 units of 20’ flat pack containers can be loaded into a 40 ft hc container/truck. By this way, the transportation cost and installation cost at site will be reduced.

Well insulated sandwich panels are used on the walls and roof of the flat pack modular containers. The floor is covered by fibercement board and vinyl. If required fire rated materials are also avaliable to obtain the fire rated flat pack containers.

Flat pack containers can be used alone or combined to obtain larger volumes. Large areas obtained by combining can be used as flat pack dormitory building, flat pack office building, flat pack dining hall building and similar purposes.

The flat pack containers can easily be mounted by users by following the instructions on the assembly manuels. By this way thousands of flat pack containers were exported to many countries in the world. Maxprefabs has exported flat pack containers to more than 95 countries, especially Germany, France, America, Netherlands, Belgium, Latvia, Bulgaria, Romania, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Gabon, Senegal, Nigeria, Libya and Iraq.

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