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Multi storey prefabricated houses are manufactured withby stronger metal components. According to the statical calculations the thickness and the distances of the metal chasis are decided. The ground floor of multistorey prefabricated building located on concrete foundation, which’s designe given by Maxprefabs. The first floor of multistorey prefabricated house is located on the midfloor chasis, the midfloor chasis is covered by fibercement board. The same application is repeated for the second floor. At the end the roof trusses, purlins and covering are applied.

The concrete foundation of multistorey building is generally asked to be around 30-40 cm thick with checker plates (the details is given by Maxprefabs). The piping lines on the concrete foundation is advised by Maxprefabs.

The prefabricated house can be designed according to the requirements of customer. Any dimensions in the rooms, living room, kitchen, bathroom and terrace can be decided according to the customer requirements.

The architectual models of prefabricated houses in Turkey are diversing according to the regions; while on the east part bigger m2 is required, on the west part smaller m2 prefabricated houses are preferred. Maxprefabs able to design and produce prefabricated buildings according to the customers’ requirements.

One of the important point for multi storey prefabricated buildings is resistance against to earthquakes. The multi storey prefabricated buildings are designed and manufactured according to international standards. These standards also consider the eartquake. The metal thickness, the distances inside the chasis and all other metal parts are prepared according to statical calculations. In standard buildings, considered snow load is 80 kg/m2. The considered wind load is 102 km/hour. These assumptions can be diversed according to the locations where the prefabricated house will be installed.

Maxprefabs has been completed many multi storey prefabricated houses in Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Palastine, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Mozambique, Congo, Angola, Gabon, Libya, Algeria and in many other countries in the world.

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