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Prefabricated buildings are produced in accordance with panel system dimensions and quickly assembled on site. Both surfaces of prefabricated building walls, which are manufactured according to the panel system, are covered with A1 class fiber cement plates. High density EPS foam is used to provide sound and heat insulation between the coating. Wall panels are connected to each other with metal H profiles. Bent roof trusses and roof purlins made of galvanized C & U profiles are used on the roofs of prefabricated buildings. Trapezoidal sheets are used as roof covering. Plasterboard is used on the ceiling and glass wool/mineral wool insulation is used in the ceiling. Prefabricated buildings offer fast and effective solutions to many construction site and housing needs. By using prefabricated buildings, it offers solutions for many different types of needs such as prefabricated residences, prefabricated houses, prefabricated villas, prefabricated office buildings, prefabricated dormitory buildings, prefabricated dining hall buildings and many more. Maxprefabs has been operating in the sector since 1997 and is among the pioneers of the sector in the production and installation of prefabricated buildings. Maxprefabs, which currently exports to many countries, stands out with its quality.

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