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Prefabricated buidings are used in many different fields from prefabricated labor camp buildings to hospitals and many other fields. One of this field is education; prefabricated buildings are also desinged and manufactured according to requirements of permanent educational buildings.

Maxprefabs have been manufactured and installed many temprorary and permanent school buildings in all around the world. Some of the prefabricated schools are given below;

– Prefabricated primary school
– Prefabricated secondary school
– Prefabricated high school
– Prefabricated university buildings

The prefabricated educational buildings can be designed and manufactured according to the requirements of the schools with 6, 12, 18, 24 or more classrooms. The dimensions of the classrooms are decided by the customers. The prefabricated schools can be designed and manufactured in single, double or triple storeys.

All the materials used in prefabricated educational buildings are fire rated. The wall insulation and cladding, the insulation on ceiling and cladding all are preferred according to international standards.
Maxprefabs have been complete many prefabricated school buildings in many countries, like in Misan-Iraq, Dakar-senegal, Libreville-Gabon, Palastine, Beirut-Lebanon, Amman-Jordan, Baku-Azerbaijan and in many others.

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