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Social facility buildings are needed in any part of our life. The prefabricated social facility buildings can be designed as prefabricated canteen, prefabricated restaurant, prefabricated GYM saloon, prefabricated rest room building, prefabricated music hall and in many other kinds.

Prefabricated social facility buildings are manufactured according to panelized system. The wall panels are joined each other by metal H profiles. The roof trusses are located on the H profiles in between the panels. The roof trusses are tied by purlins on and covered by galvanized corrugated roof sheet on top. All the windows, doors, electrical and mechanical parts of prefabricated social facility building supplied by Maxprefabs.

The prefabricated building system is mounted practically in where it is going to be located. After a while, because of any reason, the prefabricated building can be easily dismantled and can be install in any other location. All the system is installed by bolts. No weld is used in anywhere. This provides longer life duration and also practical installation.

Inside of the prefabricated buildings can be designed according to the requirements. There can be wet areas, wider or smaller rooms, any special hight requirement.

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