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Maxprefabs manufactures Hangar/Storage/Warehouse buildings by Light Steel Structured and Rolled Steel systems. The steel warehouses are manufactured as demounted and shipped to the site into containers/trucks. The steel warehouses manufacured by Maxprefabs in Turkey are used to storage any kind of products.

All the required statical calculations are prepared according to American and European codes. All the required shop drawings are supplied accordingly. Maxprefabs has been completed many valuable warehouse projects in all around the world like Libya, Moritania, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Romania, Bulgaria, Iceland and in many other countries.

The width and height of the steel structured warehouses varies from project to project. The width can go up to 25 m in one span by rolled steel system. The same can go up to 12 m by LGS system. There is no limit in length.

The steel structured warehouses can be produced with or without insulation. In with insulation option, walls and roof are covered by well insulated sandwich panels. In without insulation option, the walls and roof covered by 0,50 mm thick of trapezied galvanized corrguated sheets. If required, Maxprefabs also can supply crane, start from 3 tons up to 15 tons.

Maxprefabs also provide transportation services for the warehouses according to the location the building will be installed. The steel structured warehouses can be shipped by shipping containers and trucks.

If required, Maxprefabs also provides installation services; turnkey or supervising services. The steel structured storage buildings are produced in bolt system. It gives the chance to cutomers for faster and easier installation processes.

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