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Maxprefabs is among the leading companies in Turkey in the production of containers needed in many areas today. Max Prefabs, which produces containers in accordance with European standards, always prioritizes quality.

Containers can be produced both disassembled and assembled. Containers can be used for living purposes, as well as earthquake containers for temporary shelter, and as office containers, dormitory containers, dining hall containers and WC-shower containers on construction sites.

Absolutely no welding is used in our containers, which are produced with a bolted system by bending galvanized sheets into C & U profiles. In this way, healthy and long-lasting use of containers is ensured. High density insulated sandwich panels are used to provide sound and heat insulation on the walls and roof of containers. A1 class fibercement, which is fire and water resistant, is used on the floor of the containers. 2 mm thick vinyl is used as the floor covering of the container. The container system is completed with specially produced heat-insulated doors and double-glazed PVC windows. The containers are shipped with their electrical and sanitary installations ready.

Maxprefabs, which exports to many countries, can also produce containers as assembled or disassembled containers. Especially the containers sent for export abroad are produced disassembled or in a package system called flat pack and exported to many regions and countries, especially European countries.

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