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Maxprefabs procudes permanent and temporary prefabricated hospital buildings. With the emerging of Covid-19 viruse, the importance of healhty buildings are increased. The hospitals done by prefabricated building system provides practical solutions to the needs of fast construction of hospital buildings.

The prefabricated hospital buildings are produced by with eco-firendly sustainable materials. The walls are composed by panelized system. The wall panels are joining each other by H profiles and which joins to roof trusses. This provides a unique system for the durability of the buildings. All the materials are fire rated. The system is works wittby bolt system, no weld is used in any part of the buildings. This increase the durability and reactions against to the earthquakes.

Prefabricated hospital buildings are located on concrete foundation, easliy be mounted according to the installation manuel given by Maxprefabs. Maxprefabs also assist for the transportation process as well as for the intallation process by sending supervisors or intallation teams.

All the required electircal and mechanical wiring and piping systems are supplied with the prefabricated hospital buildings by Maxprefabs. The requirements can be differ parts of the hospital, all these requirements can be adapted by Maxprefabs.

Maprefabs have been produced and installed many prefabricated hospital, prefabricated first aid building and prefabricated clinic buildings in many countries in the world. Some of the countries, in where Maxprefabs complete prefabricated hospital buildings are mainly, Qatar, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Gabon, Azerbaijan, Somalia, Equatoral Guineau, Mozambique, Ivoery Coasts and mony others.
The prefabricated hospital building in Ras Lafan, Qatar operates for the lobour in Qatar Gas site areas.

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