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Established with 18 years of experience, Maxprefabs Yapı Mimarlık Tic. Ltd. Sti. continues to progress rapidly in the sector. With the latest investments, Maxprefabs has been one of the global manufacturer company. With its expert staff, it is a company that provides solutions to its customers with high quality, fast and affordable cost. Its expert staff has exported prefabricated buildings and flat pack containers to more than 95 countries so far.

Prefabricated Buildings

Prefabricated buildings are manufactured at the factory area and shipped to the site, to wherever it will be assembled. All the assembly kits and components have been sent together. The prefabricated buildings are used as labor accommodation buildings, engineers accommodation buildings, staff accommodation buildings, dining halls, office buildings, ablution units and also used as houses/villas. The prefabricated buildings are manufactured according to panelized wall system. The ready wall panels are joined to each other by using of PVC or metal ‘’H’’profiles. Then the roof trusses and roof coverings added on. After the completion at electrical and piping installations, the building gets painted.


Flat Pack Containers / Cabins

Containers were mostly used for transportation purposes till to end of 20th centruy. Then the new type of accomodation containers started to be used in order to ship these accomodation containers to other markets. The conteiners started to be nanufactured as demounted. This way open the new markets for manufacturers, However, the assembly process was not easy for the users, that is why flat packed type of containers are started to be produced. By this way, the assemldy proces has been very practical for the customers, beside providing transportation advantages.


Security & Sanitary Cabins

Maxprefabs manufactures security and sanitary cabins in Turkey. The sanitary cabins can be produced as toilet or shower or both can be in same cabin. The secuirty and sanitary cabins can be produced in many different dimensions. The security and sanitary cabins can be ship as ready to use or demountable to safe from the transportation costs. Maxprefabs export the security and sanitary cabins to Germany, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Latvia, England, Hungary, Qatar, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Senegal, Gabon, Ivory Coasts and to many other countries.

Light Steel Structures

Light Steel Structured Building is a type of prefabricated building systems. The structural system designed and produced at factory and shipped to the site area as demounted. By this system customers have the freedom of dimensions. In prefabricated building system, customers have to accept the panelized system dimensions (panel sizes). However, in LGS system any dimensions can be applied at the designing and production stages.
The Insulation of the LGS steel buildings are done by rockwool, mineral wool or EPS. This provides heat and sound insulation to the buildings. Any kind of decorative cladding materials can be used; mostly decorated type of fibercement boards are used on exterior surfaces and gypsum boards are used in the cladding of interior surfaces. By this decorative cladding systems, much better viewed modernized villas and buildings are produced and assembled.
By using of LGS system, modern villas, houses, offices, accomodation buildings, warehouses, hangars, storage buildings, workshops, sport halls, libraries, hospitals and many other social buildings can be producted and erected.
For steel warehouses, steel workshops, steel hangars, the walls and roof can be covered by uninsulated metal corrugated sheets but also can be covered by well insulated sandwich panels.


Why do people trust our company?

With years of experience and expertise, Max Prefabs is a leading company in prefabricated buildings, containers and other ready-made structures and offers many advantages to its customers.

Quality and Durability

Our products offer long-lasting and reliable structures thanks to the high-quality materials used and sturdy design.

Fast Delivery

With our quick production process and efficient logistics network, we ensure timely delivery to our customers.


Our wide range of products provides various options to meet different needs.

Customization and Professional Service

We offer customization options tailored to our customers' preferences and needs, and our expert team is dedicated to providing the best service possible.


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