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Maxprefabs meets the office requirements, which are especially needed in construction sites, with its rooms, kitchen and WC areas. Office containers can be produced as one-room, two-room, two-room, WC and kitchen, depending on the need. Larger office container areas can be easily obtained by combining Lego-shaped containers.

Insulated sandwich panels are used on the walls and roof of container office buildings. In this way, a high degree of heat and sound insulation is provided. Although the electrical and plumbing installations are in accordance with standards, they can also be specially installed in accordance with customer needs.

Office containers can be easily transported to any point, both on construction sites and in the city, and can be easily lowered to the desired location with the eye bolts on the roof. The construction site office container can be relocated many times and can be used healthily for many years thanks to its robust chassis and pole system.

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