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Prefabricated houses are not only manufactured in single storey, but also manufactured as double storey. The main structure is weldless galvanized steel structure, which is insulated by rockwool and cladded by decorated fibercement board from external and gypsum board from internal.

Dublex prefabricated buildings are manufactured according to the client requirements. The number and dimensions of the rooms can be designed by customer. There is metal stairs and handrails to go first floor. On the floor of the first floor is composed by galvanized metal chasis, which is insulated and covered by fibercement board. Client can cover the top floor part with wooden parquet, vinyl or tiles.

The prefabricated houses can be installed in anywhere of the world. The statical calculations are done according to the region where the prefabricated building going to be placed. Prefabricated buildings ca be practically mounted and if needed after a while can be easily dismantled and installed in any other location. All the metal parts of the prefabricated double storey houses are joined each other by galvanized metal bolts. No wel is used in any part of the prefabricated building.

The windows, doors, electrical and piping equipments are all included in the scope. The electrical cables, fuses, circuit breakers, lights, sockets, switches are supplied by Maxprefabs. Beside the electrical materials, Maxprefabs also supply the mechanical parts of the prefabricated house buildings, like piping, shower tray, toilet, sink, kitchen sink the taps and other required mechanical parts required inside the prefabricated houses.

There are options of the cladding on external surfaces of the prefabricated houses. The cementboard used in external part can be chosen as wooden texture, Stone textured, brick textured or in some other decorations. The colour of the external and internal surfaces are chosed by client and supplied by Maxprefabs.

Maxprefabs has been completed many mass housing projects, composed by single storey prefabricated house and also by double storey prefabricated house in many countries in the world, specially in Africa region. Maxprefabs completed prefabricated mass housing projects in Sudan, Nigeria, Ivory Coasts, Gabon, Angola, Congo, Senegal, Ghana, Mozambique, Moritania and in many other African countries.

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