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Prefabricated dormitory buildings/prefabricated labor accomodation buildings are manufactured by well insulated panelized system. The walls of the prefabricated labour accomodation buildings are covered by fire rated fibercement board. Roof trusses, purlins, roof covering and all other components. Prefabricated dormitory buildings are produced in very short time and also installed in a short time. The prefabric labor accomotaion buildings are mostly produced for temporary use but after the project completion, the prefabricated dormitory buildings can be moved to any other site easily.

Prefabricated accomotation buildings can be manufactured single storey, G+1 or as G+2. All the statical calculations are provided for the prefabricated dormitory buildings. The prefabricated dormitory buildings can be designed as common room area with common sanitary area or can be desinged as single room and bathroom inside each single room.

In prefabricated labor accomodation buildings all the Electrical wiring system, fuses, lights, switches and sockets are included as well as with all the required mechanical materials, like shower bases, toilets, sinks with all the required pipes.

Prefabricated dormitory buildings are mostly used in construction and energy sites, but also in military camps. The installation of the system is very practical.

The main advantages of the prefabricated dormitory buildings are given below;
– Practical
– Usable
– Movable
– Economical
– Safely
– Environmental Friendly
– Sustaniable

Maxprefabs has shipped and installed prefabricated dormitory buildings/prefabricated labor accomodation buildings in more than 98 countries in the world. Prefabricated accomodation buildings have been installed in Lagos-Nigeria, Doha-Qatar, Dubai-UAE, Jeddah-Saudi Arabia, Amman-Jordan, Beirut-Lebanon, Tripoli and Benghazi-Libya, Libreville-Gabon, Berlin and Dortmund-Germany, Tillburg-Netherlands and in many other countries.

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